Monday, February 1, 2010

Brilliant Simplicity at Target

Design ideas can come from many unexpected places.  And one store that continues to impress me is Target.  As a designer, I appreciate their sense of style, and as a consumer, I appreciate their low prices. One new collection that I really like is the Room Essentials kitchen utensils product line.  It features a nice variety of items, from beverage tubs, to sets of tumblers, to juice carafes.  

I had been looking at vintage kitchen items on Etsy, and was pleasantly surprised to see that Target's new bread boxes are strikingly similar to a vintage Danish modern one I saw online for several times more. 

The collection comes in several different colors and would fit with a variety of color schemes.  I could even see some of these pieces going outside the kitchen to be used for storage for office or art supplies.

It looks like they are all under $25.  You can find it at your local Target, or online.

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