Monday, February 9, 2009

my biggest painting yet

Made from the box that once housed the counter top of my Ikea Varde cabinet, this new painting is the biggest so far. I draped the cardboard with the foam that was wrapped around all the various furniture parts to protect it from scratches. The foam has a wonderful translucent quality. I definitely plan to use it in future paintings. This is the first one so far.

The painting is so wide that I had to let my window down just so it would fit on the back seat. But it's extremely lightweight, despite its size. When I got to school and took it out of the car, it was blown over by the tiniest of gusts of wind. And so I am thinking of calling it "Wisp" or "Whisper" or some other word that will convey its delicate nature. It is a steely grey for now. I added some Prussian blue to make the color more interesting. This is just the base coat. When I am finished, this one is going to be silver.

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