Monday, December 8, 2008

20 One of A Kind artists

I went to the One of A Kind Show at the Merchandise Mart yesterday, which is my second-favorite art and craft show of the year. (As you may know, The Renegade Craft Fair is my favorite.) What I love about this show is the variety of artists that show their work there, and the high quality of their workmanship. I came home yesterday with a tote bag full of postcards and business cards from the artists I liked, and here are some pictures of their work with links to their sites:


Fabric works by Wycliffe (Linc) Bennett

Glass figures by Noga Silk Art Glass

Paintings by Bekah Ash, who also sells apparel with her designs on it

Portraits by Chantal Baros

Cross-cultural pop art by Xiumei Zhang

Fabric sculptures by Martha Napier

Textile art by Mimi Damrauer

Sharron Parker makes amazing art pieces from felt.

Exquisitely detailed miniature trees by Paul-Andre Leblanc


Hand-painted specialty boxes from Marilyn Grad, who also makes great wall art

Case Island Glass sells these beautiful plates, as well as beautiful bracelets (I bought one last year)

Great felt throw pillows from Jen Hopwood.

Though they're called, they also sell home decor items, like this


Silk wraps from Twist Wear

Incredible wool scarves from Marzena Gabrel Designs.

Recycled fabric flower pins by BaaBaaZuzu

Afterward, I had a chance to visit the Artist Project show, which was just below the One of A Kind Show on the 7th floor. It featured a nice assortment of up-and-coming artists. Here are a few who caught my eye:

Sara Ryan's scenes of pop art intrigue

Jason Brammer's intriguing steampunk style Time Machine installation

The fine art drawings of Kris Jones, who even has a book of his work for sale.

Josh Harker's Knots & Tangles Sculptures

Every time I go to The One of a Kind Show, I feel so inspired. And I hope that someday I will get a chance to participate as well. The show usually runs the first weekend of December, so save the date (and your money) for when it comes again next year!

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  1. Thanks for posting these gorgeous pictures of the One of a Kind show. I'm far from Chicago but felt as if I were there! What a rich collection of images. I really loved the energy of the colors and the innovative designs. And thank YOU for visiting my site. This beauty is not brooding!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked the pictures. And I really enjoyed reading what you wrote on your blog.

  3. I was looking at Jason Brammer's work on line recently and really liked it. Did you see it in person? I'd like to.

  4. Yes, I saw Jason Brammer's work at the show and it was incredible to see it in person.


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