Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Move along, nothing to see here

If you are sick and tired of hearing about Michael Jackson, then don't read this post. Celebrity deaths tend to get so much overexposure in the media, too often to the detriment of other news. So maybe you can go catch up on all the other things that have happened in the world since last Thursday.

For those of you who want to stick around, I'll give you some background on my decision to write this post. Because Chicago is minutes away from Gary, Indiana I decided to pay a visit to Michael Jackson's childhood home on 2300 Jackson Street. These are some of the photos I took there.


It was hard to believe that such a large family grew up in such a small house.


I didn't leave anything at the memorial, but I did get some pictures of my vintage Michael Jackson doll in front of it.

As we traveled westward into the setting sun on our way back to Illinois, I got an idea for these photos. Sunset seemed an appropriate metaphor for a death that marked the end of a career and an era.


I want to thank my wonderful fiance Cameron (a.k.a. Slice the Celestial Sorcerer) for helping me with this final shot. Though I know he must have felt ridiculous standing in the TGI Friday's parking lot holding a doll up in the air, this photo made it worth it:

DSC02992 - 2

I hope that if a reproduction of this doll is made, it will have articulated joints, especially in the ankles and the knees, so it can be posed doing the moonwalk.

If you want to see the rest of the photos I took yesterday, click here.


  1. Wowowow! I love the photos!! And your little MJ doll. He is very cute. That's the Michael I will miss forever. What a talent! It was good that you went to his boyhood home. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thx for the photos... I was once passing by Gary while visiting Chicago, though I live far, far away.... in a small country in Europe. I plan to come and visit 2300 Jackson street some day. What was it like? Did you feel his presence somewhere there? Thanx again for sharing the experience...

  3. Thanks, Sunflower Ranch! I appreciate your comments.

    To answer your question, Anonymous, going to the house was a very sad experience. Not only because of the passing of Michael Jackson, but also because of the condition of the neighborhood the house is in. It made me think about the "Man In the Mirror" video. There is such poverty and despair now that there are not as many good jobs available in Gary as there were when the Jacksons lived there. As much as I am happy for their success story and making it all the way to superstardom after such humble beginnings, I feel really bad for all the families who are not as fortunate and are stuck in such a hopeless situation.

  4. Thanx Tiffany...
    Just as I thought, sad.... that's how I imagined it to be. You're right, things like that make you think about "Man in the mirror" lines. I also feel sad for the people still living there, without much hope for better future. It really makes you think about life.... What's with the house now? Is it the property of the town of Gary? Thanks again for your response..
    Kindest regards from Branka (ex anonymous :)

  5. i miss u michael and wish your family the best.. also i would like everyone to know im going to be butting on a show next hollween and anyone that wants to help or be apart ,please contact me and im looking for people to this for free ,and if u wish to donate anything to help me please lot me know .. im doing a play bassed on thrill and that was a song michael j. jackson did for his mother,but i would like to do this for michael ..michael j. jackson know this if u can hear me your work will keep being done,all founds will be donated to one of the favort foundations,R.I.P Michael J.Jackson. this will be done from some of his true fans,my heart gose out to his family and fans

  6. Thanks for all your comments. Since this blog is not about Michael Jakson, I have decided to close comments on this post. Please read some of my other posts to find out what this blog is really about.

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